what to expect

at the race

The STRADA24 races are about more than just the ride. 


It’s about the cycling community and having a day of fun, laughter & adventure while ensuring your health & safety is taken care of. 


cashless environment

To ensure the safety of our riders & spectators, the event will be a completely cashless environment. RFID bracelets will be provided to everyone either riding or visiting. Top-up and upload instructions will be sent prior to the event.



Tickets for spectators are available on the main ticket site. CLICK HERE to purchase. Tickets will be valid for the full weekend. Passouts are available.



A designated drop off zone will be indicated on your arrival, after which you will need to park in the assigned parking area.

rider briefing

A compulsory rider briefing will take place in the Info Centre at 10h00. Only team captains are required to attend.



There will be a camp site available on the grounds, including in your entry fee. You will need to provide your own camping eqpuiment.


The well-being of all riders is very important to us, so it is vital that you do the necessary training prior to the race. Let us know if you would like to get in touch with someone who can assist you with your training: info@strada24.co.za

food & beverage

There will be an amazing bar, with a great selection of drinks, ranging from soft drinks, beers, top wines and delicious cocktails - served by professional mixologists. Tea & Coffee will also be available 24/7. A wide variety of food in the Food Truck Village will be available at all times. Our selection will focus on a healthy lifestyle, as well as fun items for the kids. No food or beverages will be allowed, in accordance with the liquor licence and venue agreement.



There will be medical emergency personnel on site for the full duration of the event.



The safety of the riders and visitors is of utmost importance to us. There will be a full team of security throughout the duration of the event, with a full emergency procedure in place.

ablution facilities

Portable toilet facilities will be available for use by riders and spectators. Portable shower facilities will be available for use by riders who are camping overnight The allocation will be accordance with Covid-19 protocol requirements.


Dedicated Marshalls will be available for the full duration of the race to assist with the riders safety and to ensure the rules of the race are adhered to.
Strict policies are in place and the marshall's decision will be deemed final by the race organisers in the event of rule breaking.



Accurate race timing will be provided. Each bike will be equipped with a timing chip that is accurate to 1000th of a second at 220km/h. Results will be shown live on screens around the pit stop area.

award ceremony

A winners' Award Ceremony will take place approximately 30 minutes after the end of the 24 hour race.